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Thomas-Joseph Carrieri is a Bay area transplant. The Brooklyn born Post-Pop artist is inspired by the hard black lines of Keith Haring and indie comic books, and his pallet is influeced by the candy-colored graffiti covered subways of 70's NYC.  

​His aesthetic captures both the tongue-in-cheek wit of Pop-Art idol Andy Warhol and the larger-than-life fun of Jeff Koons. 

​The playfulness of comic book portraiture and the sincere cultural commentary get along nicely in his work and can be seen interacting throughout his career. Although partially self taught, the artist worked his craft on the street in his early years before taking a serious stab at art.  He would not consider himself an "outsider artist"  in the least.

His admiration of the academic tradition led him to study in the studio system of figurative painter Mark Greenwald.His painting style evokes emotional connections through childhood toys and games, science fiction, and pop culture nostalgia in general.

Although self-described as a post-pop artist, he explains his point of view this way: "Its all been done before, there are only so many notes to play, so many colors to choose from. We are a culture of the over privileged, over indulgent, and over stimulated. Most see art as something to judge and condemn. My work attempts to poke fun and to evoke a smile, but there is a subtle subversion as well, a commentary that sits on the canvas.”

His work has been featured in the digital pages of,, and the SF Gate.