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disposable art 2010

“The evolution of culture marches with the elimination of ornament from useful objects.”-Adolph Loos(1870 –1933)                                    

The utilitarian and the disposable paper bag. Refuse, the unwanted, the unneeded, even the unfriended can all pay tribute to this culture of consumption. I am empowered by the waste I see before me. The world has become a crowded place that is filling up quickly with garbage. 
My inspiration for the paper bags is both economics and an acknowledgement of a cultural normative of elimination, in favor of a more conscientious citizen. My environment led me to draw on materials that are more accessible and economic.
The image drawn outside is a deliberation, an attempt to repurpose the brown paper. Thriving to be a greener society has led to the elimination of the grocery bag as a commonality among American consumers. These vessels of nondescript tan colored bags held something precious. The opaque matter-of-factness meant that anything could become enveloped in that mystery. 
I sought to give some purpose to the outside of these vessels. To give them a lasting value, an aesthetic pleasure. In a way, to give them one last purpose, to hold our attention for a moment longer before we dispose of them again.